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Personalized Wall Art for the Kiddos


My talented friend and collaborator (she makes a lot of the invitations in my party kits), Sarah Vendittelli just opened her Etsy shop and it’s totally worth checking out.

She makes adorable and creative wall art perfect for a nursery, playroom, kiddo’s bedroom, and they make great gifts.

The best part is they are affordable and you can instantly download all of the files so you can get them right away. (Psst… you’ll never have to tell anyone that you purchased this gift last-minute.)


My personal favorites are the monogram letters and the animal water colors with encouraging words.

Visit her site here to see all of her designs!

Bum Baby T-Shirts for Kids

My friends Denis and Donald started an awesome, edgy T-shirt line a little over a year ago and this week they are expanding that business into another T-shirt brand called Kit NYC, but this one is for kiddos and it couldn’t be cuter!

Pig Bum Baby Shirt Front and Back

I love that there is a front and a back. Here, H is modeling the pig tee.

We were lucky enough to score three of the five designs available right now: a pig, a giraffe, and a fox (they also offer a super cute unicorn, which I will be buying for Miss M and a lion).

Bum Baby Fox Shirt

And here, H is happy to model the fox version, which also has a bum on the back (not pictured).

Not only are the tees super soft and comfy (they are made from the Rabbit Skins brand), the designs are simple and cute enough for the kids but also clever enough for moms to appreciate too.

Check them out on Instagram and stay tuned, the shop will be coming soon so you too can order your own bum baby tees.

Baby’s First Year Book

When I was pregnant with H, I was religious about putting together a pregnancy book and then his first year book.

I know they say with a second (or third or fourth) you forget or don’t have time to put these special mementos together for their siblings, but I was bound and determined to at least do a first year book (we’ll see how that goes in a few months).

Baby's First Year

I found it very hard with H and now with Miss M to find a book that I really like that has everything I want, but isn’t too overwhelming either. With H I found the My Baby book, which I can no longer find.

For Miss M I found Baby’s First Year A Simple Book of Firsts from the It’s simple, modern, pretty, and would make an excellent gift for any expecting mom.

inside baby's first yearWhat is your favorite baby book and what have you done to commemorate special moments in your baby’s life?

Stationery Perfect for Your Kids

LL2014Oct 027 2I love personalized stationery, both for myself and for H. He has had his own set since birth. In fact, as soon as we chose a name for him, I was online ordering his very own thank you notes.

That’s why I was so excited to get a sampling of note cards, thank you notes, and holiday cards from Ellen at Letter Learning.


Not only are the cards super cute and well designed, but they’re also educational. Your little one can trace the words on the cards while learning to spell and he or she can either continue writing a personalized note or dictate to mom and dad depending on his or her age.

PlumDistrict2014 024

Visit to see all of her designs and purchase your child’s own stationery. And right now you can get 40% off and free shipping on orders over $20.15 by using the code celebrate.

My Vegetable Garden

Finished Garden

Moving from the city to the suburbs was a big transition, but one of the things I was most excited about moving to a house with a big yard was being able to plant my own vegetable garden.

Luckily we had a blank canvas with plenty of sun behind our garage the perfect size for some garden beds. It was all dirt and weeds, but with a lot of work (raking, bringing in dirt), and some help from my husband and step dad, I now have a beautiful area to plant vegetables.



Here is H with my stepdad “helping” rake and fill in the beds.

First we raked all of the dirt up and got rid of the weeds and leveled out the surface. Then my handy guys built two raised beds with 2x4s. We then put weed cloth down in the beds and around them, filled the beds with top soil and laid more weed cloth on top of that. I then cut holes in the weed cloth wherever I wanted to plant my seeds or vegetables and dug a few inches down with a trowel. I planted them, then covered the weed cloth once again, this time with Miracle Gro.

H and Garden


Here are the two beds planted with the weed cloth. We still had to put the weed cloth and mulch down around them on the ground.

In the back of the beds, we left some space for plants that spread out and would do better outside of a bed like melons or pumpkins.

For my tomatoes, I used twigs from my hydrangea bush (that I cut back) and made these tee pees as trellises. With some water and care, we are excited and hopeful that we will have green beans, zucchini, squash, bell peppers, lettuce, onions, melons, tomatoes, and cucumbers. 

A Multimedia Arrangement on a Wall

We recently finished redecorating our dining room and the main wall behind our dining room table was blank and boring.

To make it the focal point of the room I decided to do a collage of artwork, but I wanted to do something slightly different from the other spaces in my house. So I spent a lot of time gathering items in different shapes, textures, and sizes.

Dining Room 5

I started with one large piece of artwork that I had purchased awhile ago. Then I found four smaller pictures I thought would go well in the dining room that were food related (I got these on I incorporated an old wood letter I had in our apartment, but I felt I still needed one or two more unique items.

Because it’s the dining room I decided to search for vintage platters and plates on and came up with some classic pieces for not much money (under $20 each).

To mix everything together and hang it so it looked just right, I drew a plan on paper before we hammered one nail. This way there are no holes in the wall that don’t need to be there and you can draw and redraw as many times as you want.


This is what my final plan looked like drawn out.

Tips for Mixing and Matching: 

1. I think this kind of wall is all about scale and texture so getting a mix of items is key.

2. The items you should choose should have one common theme, whether it be one color that unites them or a subject matter. Mine all have black tying them together.

3. Get more than you plan to hang, because you can always take it back.

4. Draw twice, nail once. You don’t want to have holes in your wall that you don’t need.

5. Leave space on your wall to add to your mix in the future. My two other plans were very uniformed and didn’t leave much room to add-on in the future, which is why I went with this plan. There is still plenty of space on either side to add more down the line.

Hoppy Easter Decorations

So if you know me, you know I love the holidays, but I’m not so into a lot of decorations everywhere, especially if they’re not the right decorations.

The right decorations for me match, are not cheesy, and are definitely not over-the-top. I also really like handmade items that don’t look too “crafty.” That’s why I was so excited when my new Land of Nod catalog came yesterday afternoon.

I adore their Easter garland, party details, bunny cups, and chick baskets.

Easter Party

Chick Basket

For my mantel I ordered this adorable garland (which comes in a kit that you put together). And these chick baskets for my dining room table. I’m planning on filling them with sweet flowers for spring.

For My Love on Valentine’s Day

I love giving photo gifts. Photos are one of my favorite things in the whole world and I think they mean so much to the giftee and the gifter. In fact, one of my favorite possessions is a photo gift that was started by my mom. I add more photos and charms whenever I can.

Heart Photo Gift

That’s why for Valentine’s Day I decided to give Ryan a photo gift. I thought this heart-shaped collage of photos from of our family was especially fitting for Valentine’s Day. I had it framed in black to match the other artwork in our house and I can’t wait to see where he decides to hang it.

What are you giving your partner this holiday?

My Latest Obsession: Paper Mache Animal Heads

So I’m a little late to this trend, but it’s only because I’ve always liked the idea of paper mâché animal heads for a wall, but haven’t been able to find the right ones.

I searched, I looked at West Elm, and I looked at Anthropologie and none of them seemed quite right. That’s because when I went to they only had a rhino, which was sort of plain in my opinion. But mixed with the colorful, new zebra and giraffe they have they’re spectacular.

Paper Mache Animal Heads

I recently got the zebra and the giraffe and I cannot wait to put them up in H’s playroom. I’m making a collage of different media including some prints, these animal heads, and other artwork. I’ll be sure to post a photo when it’s all done. In the meantime, enjoy my latest obsession!