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Personalized Wall Art for the Kiddos


My talented friend and collaborator (she makes a lot of the invitations in my party kits), Sarah Vendittelli just opened her Etsy shop and it’s totally worth checking out.

She makes adorable and creative wall art perfect for a nursery, playroom, kiddo’s bedroom, and they make great gifts.

The best part is they are affordable and you can instantly download all of the files so you can get them right away. (Psst… you’ll never have to tell anyone that you purchased this gift last-minute.)


My personal favorites are the monogram letters and the animal water colors with encouraging words.

Visit her site here to see all of her designs!

Bum Baby T-Shirts for Kids

My friends Denis and Donald started an awesome, edgy T-shirt line a little over a year ago and this week they are expanding that business into another T-shirt brand called Kit NYC, but this one is for kiddos and it couldn’t be cuter!

Pig Bum Baby Shirt Front and Back

I love that there is a front and a back. Here, H is modeling the pig tee.

We were lucky enough to score three of the five designs available right now: a pig, a giraffe, and a fox (they also offer a super cute unicorn, which I will be buying for Miss M and a lion).

Bum Baby Fox Shirt

And here, H is happy to model the fox version, which also has a bum on the back (not pictured).

Not only are the tees super soft and comfy (they are made from the Rabbit Skins brand), the designs are simple and cute enough for the kids but also clever enough for moms to appreciate too.

Check them out on Instagram and stay tuned, the shop will be coming soon so you too can order your own bum baby tees.

Stationery Perfect for Your Kids

LL2014Oct 027 2I love personalized stationery, both for myself and for H. He has had his own set since birth. In fact, as soon as we chose a name for him, I was online ordering his very own thank you notes.

That’s why I was so excited to get a sampling of note cards, thank you notes, and holiday cards from Ellen at Letter Learning.


Not only are the cards super cute and well designed, but they’re also educational. Your little one can trace the words on the cards while learning to spell and he or she can either continue writing a personalized note or dictate to mom and dad depending on his or her age.

PlumDistrict2014 024

Visit to see all of her designs and purchase your child’s own stationery. And right now you can get 40% off and free shipping on orders over $20.15 by using the code celebrate.

Easter Ideas for My Toddler

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Easter and Halloween are really hard for parents of toddlers. They can’t have all the candy that is out there (nor would you want them to), and small trinkets are still out of the question, so what do you fill their Easter basket with that’s fun, not too expensive, and that they can actually have?

This year I struggled with this concept, but it came to me the other day. I love a good theme, and this year I decided to do a themed-basket for H.

Thomas Easter Basket

I started with the basket. I use the same basket every year, that has his name embroidered on it. I got it from Pottery Barn Kids. (I also do the same thing for my nieces and nephew – I buy a really nice basket and reuse it every year).

Conductor Dress Up Uniform

H has been really into pretending lately so I decided to get him some stories about his favorite “characters” like firemen, train conductors, etc. and then get him dress up clothes to go along with these ideas so he can play along.

I have hooks that I’m going to hang in his playroom where we can store the outfits and grow his collection over time. That way he can imagine he is whoever he wants to be from day-to-day.

Thomas Train Track

I also got him a Thomas book for his Leap Frog Jr. Reader, Thomas stickers, and a Thomas Take n’ Play set that he can fold up and travel with.

Thomas Book

What ideas and gifts are you filling your little ones’ baskets with?

Not Going Crazy for the Holidays

So H is at the age where he is starting to get really excited about all Christmas entails including Santa, lights, the Christmas tree, and presents.

But before he is too knowledgable about this holiday and all that comes with it, my husband and I decided to set some ground rules in terms of presents now and for the future.

He will inevitably get several presents from his grandparents, and there isn’t too much I can do to control that. But from us, we have full control. A former co-worker of mine at Martha Stewart had a great idea. Every year she gives her kids something to wear, something to read, and something to play with. Three gifts from the parents and then a bigger present from Santa.

I’m excited to start this tradition this year both because I think it’s a good mix, it will teach H that this holiday isn’t all about presents, and it will be a good precedent to set for years to come.

Here is what we’re giving him this year:

Knuffle Bunny Books

He loves the first Knuffle Bunny book by Mo Willems so we’re getting him the other two to complete the series.

new balance sneakersHe’s all set on clothes, but he is quickly outgrowing his sneakers, so we’re getting him a new pair.

executive-nod-chair-redAnd finally, for the bigger gift, we’re getting him this comfy chair with his name on it.

Gift Ideas for a 1st Birthday Party

There are so many different things you can get a one-year-old for his birthday, where do you even start?


This is one of the bigger gifts we got H for his first birthday. He can grow into it, plus I won’t mind it being in the middle of my living room.

I always start by asking the parent of the child what he might want or need. The last thing you want as a parent is to have a bunch of stuff taking up space that your little one will never use. Also ask if they have a registry list. I put together a quick one on so if people ask, there are all sorts of ideas they can pick from. I even included the link with the invite when it went out. It makes it easier for your guests, and for you.

Band in a Box

And because H loves music so much, we got him band in a box. The noise will probably give me a headache, but I know it will make him smile.

And finally, I love a themed gift or a personalized gift, so if you prefer to go that way, I don’t think you can ever go wrong., Pottery Barn Kids, and Pinhole Press are just a few places I like to shop for such gifts. But whatever the gift is, it should speak to the receiver. If he likes music, get a band in a box, if she likes dolls, get a doll that looks like her and has an outfit that represents something she likes to do.

The possibilities are endless, but with just a little bit of thought and effort you can arrive with the perfect present.

A New Baby Blanket

Baby BlanketsMy cousin Kristin recently sent Harrison this adorable blanket from a new company called Little Balena. Not only do I love the design (simple and classic), but the fabric is great (it’s 100% cotton), it can be used for so many things (stroller, play, etc.), plus every purchase gives back.

When you buy a play quilt, Little Balena and the Arbor Day Foundation will plant a pine tree in the parent forest in California. How cool is that?

I love great products, but I especially love great products and companies that give back. Choose from blue (we received the blue and grey one), red, pink, and yellow with different backings., $54.

Buy My Baby Bow Ties

H in Bow TiesYou asked, and I answered (or crafted)! Several of you have asked if you can purchase my baby bow ties and onesies, and now you can.

Visit my shop to purchase your own set for your little one or as a gift starting today. I’ll be sure to add more fabric choices, but you can always choose a specific fabric (even if you don’t see it in my shop) at my favorite fabric store, Pins & Needles. Just send me a message and let me know which fabrics you’d like and I will whip the bow ties up and send them to you.

And stay tuned, I have a few more things I’m going to be making and selling in the weeks to come. Happy shopping!