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H’s Favorite Things: 14-16 Months

14-16 Favorites

Star Wars Mr. Potato Head (or Darth Tater) - H got this for Christmas and he (and Ryan and I) have not stopped playing with it yet. It’s a large Potato Head vessel dressed as “Darth Tater” that has three smaller Potato Heads inside that you can dress up as storm troopers, R2D2, and a mini Darth Tater.

V-Tech Go Go Smart Wheels - Another Christmas present, I think this will be a toy H plays with for years to come. I love that the cars/vehicles teach letters and sounds, but that you can also add to the track with each additional set you purchase. It will definitely grow with him.

Farm 1-2-3 App - This app is a little bit high tech and a little old school rolled into one. It’s educational, easy to navigate for his little fingers, but it’s also modeled after a pop-up book, but this one has animation. It teaches simple counting, but also has matching and cognitive games as he gets older.

Today I Feel Silly: And Other Moods That Make My Day - H’s aunt Katie gave this book to him, which is written by Jamie Lee Curtis. It’s one of the first books he reaches for every time we sit down for story time (which is a lot). It rhymes, has colorful illustrations, explains all the different moods you can feel, and has a spinning wheel at the end so the reader can show how they feel that day.

Wind-Up Pirate Ship Book - I have been really into this book since H got it for his birthday, but he just recently got more interested in it. It’s a story about a pirate, but it also has tracks so you can wind the toy pirate ship up and follow the pirates on their treasure hunt quest. The ship follows the tracks in the book going around and round. It’s very cool, for H and me.

Foam Blocks – he loves any kind of blocks that he can stack (or really, I can stack) and he can knock down.

H’s Favorite Things: 11-13 Months

H turned one! It’s hard to believe a whole year and then some has gone by. He is learning new things and constantly exploring so his favorite toys and books have definitely changed along with him.

Here are some of the things he can’t get enough of…

11-13 Favorites

Fisher Price’s Lil’ Zoomer car (although H has ditched the rattle and just pushes the car on top to make it go)

We set this Baby Bowling set up and H knocks it down, sometimes even with the bowling balls. Either way, he loves it. And how cute are the alligator pins?

Yep, we have a walker on our hands and he loves scooting around with confidence with this V-Tech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker.

Anything imaginative is what H is into these days and this Fun Years My Workbench that his Aunt Allene gave him fits the bill to a T.

Anything that makes music, like this Little Tikes Piano, is right up H’s alley. He loves listening to, dancing to, and making music.

And in line with the workbench, H loves playing with this Fisher Price Little People Barn. It makes fun noises and has definitely fed into his love of animals. But no pets yet!

H’s Favorite Things: 9-10 Months

I can’t believe it’s almost H’s first birthday! Where has the year gone? In the upcoming weeks I’ll be letting you in on everything we’re getting him for his first birthday, plus, everything we’re doing to celebrate his birthday.

With his age, his interests have definitely started expanding. He’s so into music, reading (he will crawl to his books anytime they’re around), and of course trucks and cars. Plus he loves throwing anything in his path. I could share a very long list of his favorites, but here are just a few of his favorite things from 9-10 months. What toys and books does your little one love?

Favorites 9-11

This Ikea tunnel was actually supposed to be a birthday present, but we opened it early because H started crawling under chairs, the table, and even his exersaucer. I’m so glad we gave it to him early because he loves crawling through it.

He actually received this Talking Mother Goose awhile back, but didn’t start paying much attention to it until recently. It is our go-to toy when he’s having a meltdown or if we need him to sit still while trimming his nails or changing him.

True to the little boy he is, H loves this Lil’ Zoomers Spinnin’ Sounds Speedway. It makes fun noises, lights up, and goes around and around with cars.

As I mentioned, H loves books of all kinds, but he especially loves pop-up or lift the flap books like this Toes, Ears, & Nose!

I didn’t think H would be into this toy for a bit, but he has surprised me. He loves playing with the pieces of this FAO Schwarz Big Top Playset, especially the animals.

The textured and educational My First Cards is a great toy for any little one because a. they love it, but b. it’s also teaching them.

Baby H’s Favorite Things: 7-8 Months

Time sure is flying. I can’t believe H is already 8 months old and counting! He is definitely learning more things and starting to develop quite the personality. He knows what he wants, and he lets you know what that is. I wonder where he gets that from?

With all of those new things he’s learning and developing, comes a whole new set of toys and books that he gravitates towards. Here are a few of H’s favorite things…
H's Favorites 7-8 MonthsHe’s not quite crawling yet, but the VTech Move and Crawl Ball is perfect for now and later when he is on the move. It sings, rolls on its own (or with your little one’s help), and teaches shapes, numbers, and colors by pushing several buttons. It also has different textures, like ribbons, that H loves.

These indesctructible books are not only great, but necessary. Because H puts everything in his mouth, we were finding that several of his books were getting soggy and therefore destroyed. My mom purchased a few of these and now anytime he goes to put a book in his mouth, we trade for one of these.

I bought this red double decker bus from Land of Nod around Christmas because I thought it was cute, but H didn’t really take notice of it until recently. The wood feels great against his gums (as proven by how often he grabs for it and puts it in his mouth), especially the wheels. Plus, red is quickly becoming his favorite color.

My dad bought this Oball and it came at the perfect time. H loves balls, but this has a rattle inside of the ball that he also can’t get enough of. He flings and rolls this every which way and it provides several minutes of fun (that’s all you can ask for at 8 months right?).

H loves the Hungry Caterpillar so I decided to spend a little extra money on the Eric Carle Nesting Blocks as opposed to the regular ones, and I’m glad I did. They not only nest, but have colors, numbers, animals, letters, shapes, and more on each side of the blocks. He loves knocking them over now, but in the future I’m pretty sure he’ll learn a thing or two from them as well.

His grandpa in New Hampshire bought him a similar car to this Step2 Whisper Ride 2 Buggy and he just loved it! For the city it’s great because it gives us a fun alternative to always heading out in the stroller. Plus, I think it makes him feel like a big boy, but most importantly, it makes him smile.

What things are your kids gravitating towards?

H’s Favorite Things: 5-6 Months

It’s all about what H can put in his mouth this month. We’re still waiting for those magical teeth to break through, but we can tell they’re doing their best on H’s mouth because everything he loves has something (or is something) he can put in his mouth.

He has also gotten much more into playing and has learned that a lot of his toys can do different things if he presses them, shakes them, etc.

H's Favorites 5-6 Months

Harrison received this toy way back at Christmas-time and has always loved it, but lately he has really learned how to push the puppy’s buttons, feet, and hands, which all do something fun. The Laugh and Learn Puppy has quickly become my go-to toy when H is not at his happiest.

This is a new purchase that was supposed to go in his Easter Basket, but he has been so fussy lately because of teething that I opened it early. The RaZbaby Raz-Berry Pacifier is great because he can hold on to it himself easily, and the texture totally helps his gums.

Ever since our friends Brooke and Steve bought the Skwish Classic from Manhattan Toy for H (something I can only describe as a weird abacus) he has loved it. He loves rolling it, holding it, and of course, putting it in his mouth.

Yes, it takes up a lot of space, which is not ideal in our small apartment, but H loves his new Triple Fun Jungle ExerSaucer. At first I think he was overwhelmed because it has so many different noisemakers and things to play with, but he has quickly learned how to use all of them and loves it. It also helps him with balance and to build his leg strength.

H’s Favorite Things: 3-4 Months

Last week I brought you H’s favorite things for the first couple months of his life. This week I’m bringing you his favorites for months 3-4 and we’ve definitely reached the toy stage! There are toys everywhere and when H gets bored with one, we move on to the next one, but he certainly has his favorites (all of which I never hope go missing).

Favorites 3-4 Months

Because he’s starting to teeth and is able to grab onto things better now, he loves toys that jiggle, have lots of rings and appendages that he can grab onto and stick in his mouth. This is one of the best examples we’ve found for him yet and he loves it: Manhattan Toy Ziggles.

He also really loves the Chicco Great Shakes Monkey Toy, which was given to us as a gift. He sucks on this toy so much that it is getting a little worse for wear. I may be stocking up on back ups of this toy just in case.

Sophie the Giraffe – this was the first thing I bought for H when we found out we were pregnant. He has shown absolutely no interest in her until the last couple of weeks. Now he holds onto her and sucks on her until he’s content, especially her hooves and legs. I’m glad we spent the $25 on her because some days it’s the only thing that will sooth his aching gums.

Aden + Anais Issie Security Blanket – He loves the soft textures of this and whether he’s putting it in his mouth, or we’re using it to play peek-a-boo or swaying it over him, he gets lots of joy from this one.

Chicco iGym – This was lent to us by my sister-in-law and at first I didn’t know what to do with it, but now that we’ve figured it out, he loves both of its configurations. He can lay on his back and hit the buttons to play music or he can lay on his stomach and push them that way. It’s one of the best ways to keep him entertained.

Jolly Jumper - This was also given to us as a gift and I was skeptical of it at first. It sort of looks like an archaic apparatus at best (plus it takes up a lot of room because of the base). We of course waited until H could hold his head up on his own and had some strength and gave it a test run. And he LOVES it! He can only be in it for 15 minutes at a time for safety reasons, but those are 15 minutes of pure jolly jumping.

And because I mentioned he’s teething, another thing that he loves that doesn’t fall into the toy category is a slightly frozen wash cloth. When his gums are at their worst I whip this out and he goes to town on it.

H’s Favorite Things: 1-2 Months

Because H was so new to the world, a lot of his favorite things from 1-2 months or more like my favorite things. A few weeks ago I had mentioned the things I felt any new mom should and must get, and those things that I thought you could do without. This list is slightly different as these are things that we used and H loved (or at least seemed to as he wasn’t crying when we implemented these items).

Mam Pacifiers – They gave this to him at the hospital when we had him circumcised and although I had purchased other types of pacifiers, which were waiting at home, this was the brand he liked and so we stuck to it.

Favorites 1-2 Months

Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets – H had a love hate relationship with the swaddle, but once he was in it, it really did seem to calm him. And the only blankets that seemed to keep him in a swaddle were the ones by Aden + Anais (thank you to my friend Lindsey for buying these for us).

White on Black book – H loved anything black and white (as do most babies) and this quickly became his favorite book to look at.

Harrison in Boppy

Here is H laying in his Boppy. Doesn’t he look cozy?

Boppy – As I stated in my previous post, the Boppy was friend to mommy and H. I used it all the time for breastfeeding, but H also loved sitting in it or laying on it during tummy time.