Shark and Fish Valentines for My Toddler

Fish and Shark Valentines - the crafty mommyI was inspired by some valentines I saw on Pinterest and thought “I have to make these for H.” He is infatuated with sharks and all things aquatics. He visits the aquarium at least once a week (and gives the volunteers there a run for their money in terms of shark facts) but he also loves Octonauts, Finding Nemo, and anything underwater related.

So for his little friends, and H himself, I decided to make these adorable aquatic valentines. They’re perfect for taking a “bite” out of candy or a special note.

Fish and Shark Valentines Supplies - the crafty mommy

Scrapbook paper in various colors and textures
Craft glue
Googly eyes (optional)
Fine tip markers (optional)

How to Make the Shark and Fish Valentines
1. Start by cutting out a fish or shark. You can find templates all over online, I used this shark template and this fish template although I sized the shark one down to fit my clothespins. Just make sure whatever template you use is slightly bigger than the clothes pin itself.

2. Starting from the mouth, cut the fish or shark down the middle about half way.

Clothespin Valentines - the crafty mommy

3. Turn the clothes pin on its side. Glue the top half of the cut to the top of the clothes pin and the bottom half of the cut to the bottom half. Make sure you don’t get glue in between the two sides of the clothes pin or it won’t open.

4. Glue a googly eye on or draw an eye with a marker.

Shark Valentine - the crafty mommy

5. Open and close the clothes pin to insert a bag of candy, a sweet note, or other special treat.

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