Stationery Perfect for Your Kids

LL2014Oct 027 2I love personalized stationery, both for myself and for H. He has had his own set since birth. In fact, as soon as we chose a name for him, I was online ordering his very own thank you notes.

That’s why I was so excited to get a sampling of note cards, thank you notes, and holiday cards from Ellen at Letter Learning.


Not only are the cards super cute and well designed, but they’re also educational. Your little one can trace the words on the cards while learning to spell and he or she can either continue writing a personalized note or dictate to mom and dad depending on his or her age.

PlumDistrict2014 024

Visit to see all of her designs and purchase your child’s own stationery. And right now you can get 40% off and free shipping on orders over $20.15 by using the code celebrate.

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