DIY Joy Holiday Wreath

Joy Wreath - the crafty mommy

I had seen some adorable yarn-wrapped letters that spelled out “JOY” in a holiday catalog I recently received, however, they were $70.

I decided that I could easily make some of my own and bought cardboard 3D letters online (you can also get them at Paper Source) and some inexpensive red yarn from Michael’s. Other than being a little time-consuming, it was a simple project that anyone could do in front of the TV.

Joy Letters Step 1 - the crafty mommyI anchored the end of the yarn to the letter with some hot glue and secured it with hot glue every so often. Especially around the edges. To ensure all parts of the letters were covered, I wrapped yarn vertically as well securing with glue, then I hid the ends of that yarn with the horizontally wrapped yarn. You could also paint the letters the same color as your yarn to do away with this step.

Joy Letters Step 2 - the crafty mommy

Joy Letters Finished - the crafty mommy

Joy Letters Finishing - the crafty mommy

When I was finished, I loved the result, but decided to use the letters on a plain wreath for over my mantle. To secure the letters to the wreath, I just wrapped them with another piece of red yarn and tied that around the wreath.


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