Painting Funkins for Halloween

Black and White Pumpkins - the crafty mommyJust in time for Halloween, I’m sharing with you an easy project for decorating pumpkins (even a day before Halloween). This project uses funkins (craft pumpkins you can use again and again) and the best part is, if you head to Michael’s or your local craft store now, they’re half off.

Now I by no means consider myself a great painter, I’m not, but I did decide to paint some of the black and white funkins I picked up for my Halloween party this year.

White Pumpkins - the crafty mommy

I used a paint brush for one of the designs (the half white, half black funkin), but for the rest I used a paint pen, a sponge pouncer, and a permanent marker.

With the little help of some tape and planning ahead I came up with some modern and decorative designs. As seen with the ghost funkin, you can also carve them, but you just follow the same steps that you would to carve a regular pumpkin. This template is from Southern Living.

For the Spider Web Pumpkin
Use a white paint pen and draw vertical stripes down the natural indents on the funkin. Then draw arches all the way around the pumpkin several times to create a web design. It doesn’t have to be perfect, in fact, the less perfect it is, the better it looks.

For the Polka Dot Pumpkin
I used black craft paint and a foam pouncer. The key on this is to make sure the entire pouncer is covered really with black paint. Use different sized pouncers to create more polka-dots in different sizes.

For the Chevron Pumpkin
I used Washi tape (because it’s smaller and simple to tear) and created a chevron pattern all the way around the pumpkin. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but try to keep the chevron stripes straight when going around. Then I took a permanent black marker and colored in the spots in between the tape. Let it dry for a few minutes and then carefully remove the Washi tape.

For the Black and White Pumpkin
I used painter’s tape to cut the pumpkin in half to ensure I had a straight line. Then using a paint brush I painted the bottom half of the pumpkin white. Before you get started, make sure you have somewhere to dry the pumpkin upside down after you paint it.

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