Craft Exchange and So Much More…

I’m back in the groove this week (sort of) with posting, but I’m sorry I’ve been a bit absent lately. It has been crazier than usual around here. We have had lots of projects going on around the house, plus I have signed on to way more freelance projects that I can probably handle.

I have lots of exciting things to share with you in the upcoming weeks. One just happened this past weekend and it was H’s 2nd birthday party.

I’m also gearing up for our annual Halloween party. This will be the first time we are hosting it at our new house in Connecticut, so the stakes are high. I want to do it bigger and better than ever before, plus this time around we have the outdoors to decorate as well.

And finally, but not least, I have joined an exciting group called the Craft Exchange ‪#‎craftXCHallenge‬. We were fortunate enough to get sponsorship from Martha Stewart Crafts #‎marthastewart‬ and so we have some amazing materials to work with.

craft exchange supplies-the crafty mommy

This has been a bit of challenge for me. I basically have to make five of my project using the following: flocking powder, decoupage, and fringe scissors. I think I’ve figured out a fun way of integrating all of these materials together, but if you have any ideas, please send them my way. Once I do figure out what I’m making and then actually make it, I’ll be sure to share the final product here with you. Stay tuned!

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