DIY Monster Birthday Invitations

diy monster invitations - the crafty mommyI love the Internet! There are so many great ideas and photos you can use for inspiration. I knew for H’s second birthday I wanted to do a monster theme (if you haven’t been around him lately, you probably haven’t heard him roar, but he’s obsessed with Monster’s Inc. and Monster’s University).

I looked for adorable invites that I could just order online and be done with it, but I unfortunately didn’t see any I liked. So I decided to make my own, and they were so easy.

Lime green paper
White paper
Blue paper
Black paper
Circle cutter (see below for specifics)
Self-healing mat
Glue stick
Black marker

How to Make the Monster Birthday Invitations
1. All you need is blue, lime green, black, and white paper (I used scrapbook weight paper to give it some heft) and a circle cutter. I used two, the large circle cutter and the simple circle cutter, both from Martha, but you could get away with using just the simple circle cutter if you wanted. I also used a circle punch from Martha for the smallest circle, but again, you could use the simple circle cutter if you just wanted to purchase one tool. Tip: If you’re using the simple circle cutter, make sure you hold down the paper with whatever hand you’re not cutting with, the thing I don’t like about this cutter is the paper can tend to slip messing up your perfect circle.
2. On your self-healing mat, using your circle cutter, cut a circle from the lime green paper measuring 6 inches (you can get away with cutting two from one piece of 8 1/2 x 11 paper you just have to plan ahead when cutting). Cut a circle out of the white paper measuring 4 inches. Then cut a circle out of the blue paper measuring 1 15/16 inches. And finally cut a black circle 1 inch.
3. With a glue stick, glue the white circle on the lime green circle, slightly off-center. It should be towards one side more than the other so you’re leaving room for the mouth.
4. Next, glue the blue circle in the middle of the white circle and glue the black circle in the middle of the blue circle.
5. Finish the monster face by drawing a smiley face (or whatever you like) with a black marker.
6. For the party details, I typed them out in Word (ensuring the type didn’t measure more than 6 inches – the size of my lime green circle) and printed it out on the same white paper I used for the front. I used my circle cutter again to make a 5 1/2-6 inch circle and glued that to the back.

I mailed them using white envelopes I found at Paper Source.

I always say the invitation sets the tone of the party. It’s the first impression your guests will get and I think this is definitely a start to a great party!

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