A Monster Birthday Party

monster party decorations - the crafty mommyH loves monsters, he roars at almost everyone he comes in contact with (I always say it’s a sign he likes you). So a few months ago I started putting together ideas for his 2nd birthday party, which was monster themed.

I started with handmade invitations (the how-to is coming your way) and it all took off from there. The decorations included pom-pom Sulleys, lantern Mikes, door garland, scream canisters, food signs with the characters, a game of pin the eye on the monster, Monster’s Inc. hard hats, Mike and Sulley cupcakes, and one very happy birthday boy!

Here are just a few photos from the party itself. And if you’re interested, I will be selling some of these items in my Etsy.com shop so stay tuned.

Monsters Birthday Party - the Crafty Mommy

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