Introducing My Mickey and Minnie Mouse Party Kits

I’m so excited to announce I just launched another party kit theme in my store. It is the Mickey and Minnie Mouse party kit and it is my favorite party theme yet.

Are you hosting a party for a boy? No worries, I can customize everything to be Mickey Mouse. Having a party for a little girl? I can do all Minnie Mouse too. Or mix them together to create a little bit of both.

In this kit you get the following (it’s the biggest one yet):
- 10 favor bags with Mickey handles
- 18’ of mouse garland
- 10 handmade invitations, which you can customize with details
- 20 red polka dot straws
- 10 sets of ears for the kids to wear (you can specify whether you want Mickey and Minnie or just Minnie or just Mickey)
- 4 black balloons with mouse ears
- Instructions for putting it all together

I can also make more or less of the items in this kit (like the favor bags and ears if you are having a larger or small party), just message me. You can also buy any of the items in my kits individually, just shoot me an email and let me know what you’d like to purchase and I will work with you to customize the detail of your party. Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggety dog!

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