DIY Terrarium

The Crafty Mommy Terrarium DIYDinosaurs are anything but extinct in this mini terrarium. Not into dinosaurs? Use soldiers, farm animals, bugs, fairies, or any other figurines your kids might like. Have a small glass jar? No problem, just make sure you use a smaller plant like a succulent, or you can have it slightly sticking out like I did. Have a massive container? Still not a problem, use a few different plants and characters to fill the space. The key is to have fun and find a plant and glass vessel that will work together to make a magical diorama.

Materials for Terrarium DIY
Glass vessel – this can be anything from a mason jar to a large container
Potting soil or dirt from your backyard
Small, plastic figurines – I used miniature dinosaurs Water and sunlight

Optional Materials:
Construction paper
Craft glue or glue stick

How to Make the Terrarium

1. Get your hands dirty and fill your glass vessel 1/3 to 1/2 way with dirt. You may want to do this project outside, dirt plus kids equals messy fun, but I don’t have to tell you that.
2. Dig a small hole in the center and place your plant in it. Cover with dirt and water it. Repeat this process in several spots in the dirt if you’re using more than one plant.
3. Place figurines around the plants. You can have them peeking out, hiding, or front and center. Be creative!

Other Ideas to Customize Your Terrarium:

  • Cut out a rainbow, sun, clouds, or raindrops and glue them to the inside of the container.
  • Put a miniature plastic bird, pterodactyl, or monkey in the leaves of the plant.
  • Add rocks, twigs, and other greenery from your backyard.
  • Add colorful sand on top of the dirt to add more dimension and interest to your terrarium.

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