My New Office and Craft Room

desk in white officeWe have an small, extra room on our second floor that I wasn’t quite sure what we would use it for. It is literally 8×8 feet and has a row of very skinny windows that look out to our backyard.

My husband suggested it be my office/craft room, something I have always dreamed of having. So for my birthday, my wonderful husband designed and built me a new home office in this room.

craft desk with sewing machine

I now have a custom “L” shaped desk that I can have my sewing machine and computer set up on. I also have great storage and shelving and a place to hang and put all of my important documents, craft supplies, party kits (which were starting to take over the whole room), books, and wrapping paper.

The end result makes me want to work and craft all the time (something I do a lot anyway, but will be especially excited to do now).

Tips for Organizing an Efficient Office Space

  • I like to organize items by category or material. So I have separate cups for pens, pencils, markers, and tools. I also have drawers for each of the following scrapbooking paper (organized by color), fabric, sewing supplies, office supplies, etc.

office 6


office 7


I love this modular table on wheels. I can use it as a separate desk space for when I’m cutting items on my self-healing mat, or roll it around to hold items I need within arm’s reach. I also store my fabrics, paper, templates, and supplies in these drawers by color.


  • Have multiple places to store things out of sight, but also have a few places to hang things that you want in front of you. So I have three sets of drawers for storying things out of sight and a cork board, and shelves for things that I want within reach and out in the open.
  • For anything that doesn’t fit in my drawers or on my shelves, I have matching white boxes from IKEA. They are nice to look at, but hide items that I don’t want out in the open. I stack them under my desk neatly and label them so I know what’s in each (ribbons and bows, gift bags, printer paper, photos, etc.). I always have a few extra on hand (folded up) so nothing gets too out of order.
  • Designate separate spaces. I have a work space on one side of my desk where I have pens, paper, my laptop, and files, then I have a separate space for my crafting and projects (or wrapping presents). This space has my sewing machine, a self-healing mat, and all of my craft supplies.
  • A monochromatic office is a happy office. I decided to get a white desk, white chair, and white desk supplies (for the most part). I just think it looks really clean, it’s easy to spot other things I have on my desk, and I can mix in colorful accents with no problem.
  • Keep files and magazines organized and go through them often to get rid of what you don’t need. I use white magazine holders so I know exactly where my magazines are at all times. I also have fun file folders that I use for my files, which I also label. Stacks of paperwork are okay, but they at least need to be organized and sorted so you know what is what.

white magazine files

  • The P-Touch is my friend. When everything is labeled the same, it makes me feel really organized. I P-Touch all of my files, my magazine holders, and my boxes. I even use it to label the inside of my drawers if I feel I need a little extra help.
  • And finally, create a fun and comfortable space. You won’t want to work in a room you don’t like going into. Add special touches, photos, illustrations, music, whatever makes you happy and helps you be productive.

office 5


I love fresh flowers so I always have at least one bud on my desk like this peony from my garden. I also have a framed first issue signed by the original EIC of People magazine for inspiration, my phone, photos of my son, and a paper weight that is my initial.

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