Fascinators for Belmont


I have two girlfriends going to Belmont tomorrow, and in the spirit of the event I made them fascinators to wear.

I’m not a big fan of horse racing, but I am a huge fan of the hats and fashion. With short notice I was only able to source supplies from Michaels so I got lots of ribbon (I also used some from my own stash), some felt, strong hair clips, and fake flowers (something I never use, but felt it was appropriate for this project).

In the end, I think they’re fun and pretty.

Ribbon (how much depends on how big you want it to be)
5″ circle of felt (I used the color of the main ribbon)
1 strong hair clip
Fake flowers (again, how many is up to you)
Hot glue gun
Fabric scissors
Feathers, rhinestones, other embellishments (optional)

How to make the fascinators
1. Cut the felt circle out – this will be what all of your ribbon and details get glued onto.
2. Pin or glue the ribbon the way you want it to lay, same with the flower and other embellishments.
3. Turn the felt over when you’re done decorating it and place the pin where you’ll need the most support. My fascinators are pretty symetrical, so right in the middle worked great, but if one side is heavier than the other you will want to play with the placement.

Tip: You can also do this same technique but with a headband. Just make sure the headband is wide enough to support the weight of the fascinator.

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