An Adorable Wall Hanging

Finished Wall Hanging

I found these cute flash cards on and decided to purchase, download them, cut them out, and hang them in H’s playroom.

Animal Flash Cards

This was easy, inexpensive, and I think a great way to decorate a nursery or playroom.

4 1/2 yards of grosgrain ribbon
Hot glue gun
Flash cards or illustrations you love

How to Make the Wall Hanging
1. Cut the flash cards or illustrations out that you’re using.
2. Lay them out on the ribbon and determine where you want to place them. Take a photo if you like so you know where they go. I placed mine 1″ apart.
3. Hot glue the cards to the ribbon. Let dry.
4. Either cut the ribbon ends in a “V” or tie the top in a bow and hang on the wall.

Tip: You could also use alphabet cards like these to spell out the child’s name and hang them as I did above. It would make a great baby shower gift!

Another Tip: You could also use these as flash cards and give them as a gift, just laminate them and cut them out first.

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