Baptism Decorations

My friend, and H’s godfather, Tim, recently became a godfather once again for his nephew. Being the thoughtful guy he is, he asked me to make decorations for the table at the baptism lunch after the ceremony.

Baptism Centerpiece

He told me it would be one long table. I didn’t want it to be too religious looking, but I also wanted it to suit the occasion. I ended up making four little buckets with moss balls, that I stuck small skewers into and hung miniature banners from that I made.

The banners said “God Bless This Child” in blue and white. They can run them down the center of the table for everyone to see. I think they’re adorable and the perfect amount of religious and fun. If you’re looking for something like this for your baptism or would like another saying for a baby shower or another occasion, you can purchase this in my Etsy shop here.

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