A Multimedia Arrangement on a Wall

We recently finished redecorating our dining room and the main wall behind our dining room table was blank and boring.

To make it the focal point of the room I decided to do a collage of artwork, but I wanted to do something slightly different from the other spaces in my house. So I spent a lot of time gathering items in different shapes, textures, and sizes.

Dining Room 5

I started with one large piece of artwork that I had purchased awhile ago. Then I found four smaller pictures I thought would go well in the dining room that were food related (I got these on Etsy.com). I incorporated an old wood letter I had in our apartment, but I felt I still needed one or two more unique items.

Because it’s the dining room I decided to search for vintage platters and plates on Etsy.com and came up with some classic pieces for not much money (under $20 each).

To mix everything together and hang it so it looked just right, I drew a plan on paper before we hammered one nail. This way there are no holes in the wall that don’t need to be there and you can draw and redraw as many times as you want.


This is what my final plan looked like drawn out.

Tips for Mixing and Matching: 

1. I think this kind of wall is all about scale and texture so getting a mix of items is key.

2. The items you should choose should have one common theme, whether it be one color that unites them or a subject matter. Mine all have black tying them together.

3. Get more than you plan to hang, because you can always take it back.

4. Draw twice, nail once. You don’t want to have holes in your wall that you don’t need.

5. Leave space on your wall to add to your mix in the future. My two other plans were very uniformed and didn’t leave much room to add-on in the future, which is why I went with this plan. There is still plenty of space on either side to add more down the line.

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