Our New, Improved Dining Room

The projects continue at our new house.

Another room we decided to tackle right away was our dining room. Mainly because I hated the paint they had in the room, and we were ordering new furniture (our old furniture looked like dollhouse pieces in what is now a much larger room than we were used to). We figured it would be easier to sand and paint before the new furniture arrived, which it was.

Striped Wall

This was the paint before we moved in. Striped hues of cream on the top and a dark blue below the chair rail.

Because the previous owners had painted stripes above the chair rail, lots of sanding, dust, and some tired arms quickly became our reality.

Paint Swatches

We started out thinking we were going to paint the bottom a white color (which would have taken several coats to cover the dark blue) and a darker color on top. Here were the original swatches we tested on the walls.

Full Dining Room

In the end, we went with white on the top so you can better see the artwork (which is all framed with black) and Behr’s pencil point for the bottom, which is a graphite color. After the electrical was updated, we replaced the old shabby-chic chandelier with a streamlined pendant light from Crate and Barrel. The table and sideboard are also from Crate and Barrel. The rug is from West Elm and the chairs are from Amazon.com.

Dining Room 2

All of the hard work and patience was worth it in the end. We now have a modern dining room that is great for entertaining. And I love that some of the old characteristics of the house are still there like the built-in, chair rail, and crown molding.

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