Easter Ideas for My Toddler

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Easter and Halloween are really hard for parents of toddlers. They can’t have all the candy that is out there (nor would you want them to), and small trinkets are still out of the question, so what do you fill their Easter basket with that’s fun, not too expensive, and that they can actually have?

This year I struggled with this concept, but it came to me the other day. I love a good theme, and this year I decided to do a themed-basket for H.

Thomas Easter Basket

I started with the basket. I use the same basket every year, that has his name embroidered on it. I got it from Pottery Barn Kids. (I also do the same thing for my nieces and nephew – I buy a really nice basket and reuse it every year).

Conductor Dress Up Uniform

H has been really into pretending lately so I decided to get him some stories about his favorite “characters” like firemen, train conductors, etc. and then get him dress up clothes to go along with these ideas so he can play along.

I have hooks that I’m going to hang in his playroom where we can store the outfits and grow his collection over time. That way he can imagine he is whoever he wants to be from day-to-day.

Thomas Train Track

I also got him a Thomas book for his Leap Frog Jr. Reader, Thomas stickers, and a Thomas Take n’ Play set that he can fold up and travel with.

Thomas Book

What ideas and gifts are you filling your little ones’ baskets with?

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