H’s Playroom

We are very fortunate that we have two rooms that are connected on our second floor. The previous owners used it as their master bedroom, but we gave it to H for his nursery and playroom.

Master Bedroom

This is what it looked like before we redesigned it.


And this is what it looks like today.

He spends a great deal of time in both of these rooms. And should he ever have a brother or sister, the playroom will become his bedroom, and the nursery will be for the baby.

As I’m decorating his playroom, I’m keeping this in mind. I wanted it to be fun enough for a playroom, but have colors, and decor that could grow with him as we move him into a big boy bedroom.

The colors are all primary (I kept with oranges, blues, and whites mostly), with lots of pattern and accent pieces. It all started with the tee-pee we got him for his 1st birthday.

Playroom Wall ArtWe then hung some fun artwork on the wall that will eventually be above his bed. I always say “I love you to the moon and back” so there is a print from Etsy that says that, plus the paper mache animals I love so much, and a personalized print from his godfather and his husband. We add  to it as we come across new pieces like the wood H I also got from Etsy.

Toy BinsI also had fun with his toy storage. I got blue and white striped baskets from Land of Nod, and I made a few of these blue and white bags for his blocks. You can actually purchase these at my Etsy shop.

Toy Storage

Lots of bins are key to keeping everything in order. These bins and shelves are from IKEA and I love that you can add-on as he gets older or gets more stuff.



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