H’s Favorite Things: 14-16 Months

14-16 Favorites

Star Wars Mr. Potato Head (or Darth Tater) - H got this for Christmas and he (and Ryan and I) have not stopped playing with it yet. It’s a large Potato Head vessel dressed as “Darth Tater” that has three smaller Potato Heads inside that you can dress up as storm troopers, R2D2, and a mini Darth Tater.

V-Tech Go Go Smart Wheels - Another Christmas present, I think this will be a toy H plays with for years to come. I love that the cars/vehicles teach letters and sounds, but that you can also add to the track with each additional set you purchase. It will definitely grow with him.

Farm 1-2-3 App - This app is a little bit high tech and a little old school rolled into one. It’s educational, easy to navigate for his little fingers, but it’s also modeled after a pop-up book, but this one has animation. It teaches simple counting, but also has matching and cognitive games as he gets older.

Today I Feel Silly: And Other Moods That Make My Day - H’s aunt Katie gave this book to him, which is written by Jamie Lee Curtis. It’s one of the first books he reaches for every time we sit down for story time (which is a lot). It rhymes, has colorful illustrations, explains all the different moods you can feel, and has a spinning wheel at the end so the reader can show how they feel that day.

Wind-Up Pirate Ship Book - I have been really into this book since H got it for his birthday, but he just recently got more interested in it. It’s a story about a pirate, but it also has tracks so you can wind the toy pirate ship up and follow the pirates on their treasure hunt quest. The ship follows the tracks in the book going around and round. It’s very cool, for H and me.

Foam Blocks – he loves any kind of blocks that he can stack (or really, I can stack) and he can knock down.

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