One Bathroom Done, Several More Rooms to Go

As I mentioned back in November, we moved to a house in Connecticut. It has been one of the best and hardest projects of my life thus far.

We thought we would start off with a few small projects, and what I quickly learned is that nothing is a small project when you’re dealing with a 100-year-old colonial home. What we thought was a small bathroom leak became a gut job with new plumbing, flooring, vanity, sink, toilet, and fixtures.

Bathroom 1

This was the bathroom when we moved in.

Toilet in Bathroom

This is the bathroom now.

I wanted a clean, classic design so we went with Truly Taupe walls and left the wainscoting on the bottom, just gave it a fresh coat of white paint. Then I chose a black and white mosaic tile for the floor, a modern black vanity, and new, eco-friendly toilet both from Home Depot. All of the finishing details are chrome, also from Home Depot.

As my husband will tell you, the tile was not fun. The room has two entrances and was crooked from both angles so lining up the black diamonds was a challenge. Plus, the tiles had no net backing on them so each one basically had to be laid individually.

Side View of Bathroom This is the side entrance to the bathroom and another view of the floor.

Print in Bathroom

I had bought this print several months back after seeing it in a cafe in NYC. I knew it would be a great addition to a bathroom in our new house and remind us of where we came from. It is from Mr. Boddington’s Studio.

Next up, I’ll show you what we did to the dining room. Photos to come…

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