My Favorite Organizing Products

With the New Year comes all sorts of resolutions. I usually never keep mine, but one thing I like to keep in mind and strive for all year round is staying organized.

Since we moved into a new house, I thought of this as a chance to hit the reset button. We got rid of a ton of stuff before we moved so we didn’t have to pack things we don’t need or use.

And now I’m going room by room to set up new organizational systems or implement old ones that worked. Here are some of my favorite products to make organizing even easier:

Grey Bins from Land of Nod – These are my go-to storage bins. They work great for kids stuff or other items like blankets and throw pillows, and they look good enough to leave them anywhere in my house. Unfortunately, they no longer carry them, but any bin that you can find on or at the Container Store that looks good in your living room is a good bin to have.

photo (3)

Trofast Storage System

Trofast Storage System for toys from IKEA – They’re easy for H to open and close and keep numerous toys tidy. I like to stick with the white bins only (I think it gives it a cleaner look).

Striped Cubes

Striped Cubes from Land of Nod – These stylish, yet still kid-like bins are pliable making it easy for kids to get things in and out of them, while not crushing the box or hurting themselves. You also won’t mind if your little one starts dragging them across the floor.

Deskstructure Desk Organizer   See Jane Work

Deskstructure Desk Organizer from See Jane Work – There is always a lot of clutter on desks (at least on mine). Keeping it in check is a challenge, but one that can have a lot of style. I’m getting ready to re-do my office in our new house so I’ve been checking out desk accessories and loved this one.

Skyline Bookends   See Jane Work

Skyline Bookends – Also from See Jane Work are these great bookends. I think bookends can keep books nice and tidy on a flat surface, while also styling your desk or table.

Build Your Own   Daily System Components   Espresso stain   Pottery Barn

Office Accessories from Pottery Barn – I love how these units work together. They may be a bit pricier than the others on this list, but they’re so worth it and you can pick and choose what pieces you need and make them work together in an entryway, kitchen, or office.

Large Rectangle Lacquer Trays   west elm

Lacquered Trays from West Elm – I LOVE these trays! They now come in square as well. I use them in my kitchen, bathrooms, and in my living room on my fabric ottoman. They keep clutter (like remotes and coasters) in check and are modern and beautiful as well.


Lacquered Boxes from Container Store – I think the colors of these boxes are great for any vanity, bathroom, or dresser (which is where I have mine in several sizes). I keep all of my jewelry in these as they are an inexpensive and stylish alternative to a traditional jewelry box.

EXPEDIT Shelving unit on casters   IKEA

Expedit Shelves from IKEA – For books, I think these shelves are the best. They’re inexpensive, but hefty enough to look expensive. Plus they come in different sizes, colors, and you can flip it on its side and add casters to make a bench.

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