My Little Guy’s Own Stationery

Even though H is not old enough to know how to write his own thank you notes, whenever he gets a gift he sends a thank you note written by me, but from him.

I always sign his name and write it as though it is coming from him. For example “My mommy says I’m going to look so handsome in this new vest you gave me. Thank you from both of us. Love, Harrison”

Thank You Notes

Another special touch I like is the stationery is his own. When he was first born he had this simple design with his full name.

Photo Thank You Card

I’ve since moved on to photo cards, which we sent out for his birthday, so of course they had a touch of red.

Now that he is a bit older I also have him hold a pen or crayon with my supervision and help him to sign his own name. I’m hoping that in the future, this will encourage him to continue to write thank you notes, but also encourage writing on his own.

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