Our Family Yearbook

Now that H is one-year-old, I decided to pull all of the photos that we had taken of him over the first year and put them into a book.


I used to be a big scrapbooker. I would probably still be a big scrapbooker if I had the time, but something had to go once we got busy with our little guy. Now, instead of doing a traditional scrapbook with decals, letters, and all of the time that goes into putting them together, I put together digital books on Shutterfly.com.

Inside of Yearbook

It still takes a bit of time, but it is significantly less than I used to spend on scrapbooks and just as rewarding. And I love that you can choose from hundreds of different themes. I used chalkboard chic theme, which looks like chalk on a chalkboard, but also has a vintage flair.

Putting together the book takes even less time if you keep on top of uploading your photos. I try to upload photos to the site every month. Take it one step further, and create those pages while the photos are fresh in your mind and it will take you less time in the end.

I also love that over the years all of the books will match and serve as an anthology, plus they’ll look nice on my shelf because they’re uniform.

We took so many photos the first year that we ended up doing two books: 0-6 months and 7-12 months.

How do you keep and share memories of your family?

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