Christmas Presents for the Whole Family

With H being as young as he is, he doesn’t quite understand Santa and where all of these gifts come from or why.

So one tradition I’ve started is a family gift. It’s something the three of us can enjoy together or something similar for each of us. I like the tradition so much that I think I’ll keep it going even when H gets a little older.

In many cases, this is a gift you can also open on Christmas Eve for those impatient kiddos.

I like to give new pajamas for the whole family, or cozy slippers (that’s what I’m doing this year).


The men’s and women’s slippers are from J.Crew and the dog slippers are from Garnet Hill.

Some other ideas include:

A movie night basket (or you could also wrap it in a big popcorn bowl) – this could include a holiday-themed movie, popcorn, movie candy, and a snuggly blanket.

All the fixings for breakfast – pull together your favorite pancake mix, chocolate chips, a whisk, a big bowl, oranges for freshly squeezed juice, placemats… get creative. Everyone can chip in on Christmas morning and make a yummy breakfast together.

A goodnight gift box – this could include pjs, eye masks for everyone, a family book you can read before bedtime, and stuffed animals for the little ones to snuggle up with.

An adventure kit – if your family is big into the great outdoors, this is a fun idea. Pull together everything you need to go on a hike, or a long bike ride, or a treasure hunt.

What other family gifts have you given in the past?

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