H’s Favorite Things: 11-13 Months

H turned one! It’s hard to believe a whole year and then some has gone by. He is learning new things and constantly exploring so his favorite toys and books have definitely changed along with him.

Here are some of the things he can’t get enough of…

11-13 Favorites

Fisher Price’s Lil’ Zoomer car (although H has ditched the rattle and just pushes the car on top to make it go)

We set this Baby Bowling set up and H knocks it down, sometimes even with the bowling balls. Either way, he loves it. And how cute are the alligator pins?

Yep, we have a walker on our hands and he loves scooting around with confidence with this V-Tech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker.

Anything imaginative is what H is into these days and this Fun Years My Workbench that his Aunt Allene gave him fits the bill to a T.

Anything that makes music, like this Little Tikes Piano, is right up H’s alley. He loves listening to, dancing to, and making music.

And in line with the workbench, H loves playing with this Fisher Price Little People Barn. It makes fun noises and has definitely fed into his love of animals. But no pets yet!

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