Choosing the Right Christmas Card

Every year we send a holiday card in early December and every year I start looking at sites and catalogs well in advance (think October).

Holiday Cards

Since we got married we have done a photo card every year, and it’s even more important now that we have Harrison. Some of my favorite places to shop are Minted, Pinhole Press, Tiny Prints, Celebrations, and Paperless Post.

1. Set a budget. Cards, postage, etc. add up fast. Set a budget for what you’d like to spend before you shop.

2. Plan ahead. There are so many options (from photo cards, to e-cards, to traditional cards), it is a good idea to start your search early. Also, decide whether you’re going to do a photo card or not and what photo you want to use or if you want to have it specially shot. We shoot ours, usually over Thanksgiving, with our family photographer and friend Katie Robertson. And I always have outfits, a location, and theme if necessary planned ahead of time so it’s quick and easy the day of.

3. Put your list together and edit. Put everyone on your list, and then go through and edit. This will play a big part in your budget as well.

4. Order a few extras. This goes for cards and envelopes. Who doesn’t mess up at least one envelope? Check to see if the company you’re ordering from offers extra envelopes for free, every bit counts.

5. Set aside designated card stuffing and addressing time. Grab a glass (or bottle) of wine and your hubby and stuff, address, lick, and close those envelopes. It will go a lot faster if you do it together, and what isn’t better with some wine?

This year, I’m considering doing a card from Paperless Post or Celebrations to save some money. What are you doing this holiday season?

2 thoughts on “Choosing the Right Christmas Card

  1. Cris Hay-Merchant

    I ordered ours of of Tiny Prints. I just love their designs and I got a great coupon in the mail. They even let me use the free shipping offer offered on the site, as well.


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