Harrison’s 1st Birthday Party – The Red Rumpus Party

The day (or days) finally arrived and what a party (parties) it was! As I previously mentioned, we had two parties, one here in NYC and another one back in Omaha at my parent’s house.

Both were so much fun and no one was more surprised than me how much Harrison enjoyed both. He kept pointing to the decorations, he helped blow out the candles, open presents, laughed, clapped, and of course enjoyed his smash cakes!

Harrison's First Birthday

I think every party needs a candy/dessert bar, even if it is a small one. Learn how to make the bunting and the Happy Birthday banner. Instead of traditional party hats, we had crowns that matched the scrapbook paper I used in the garland. Me and the birthday boy. Everything was red, from the cups, to the straws, to the pitcher of water, to the ice bucket. Just a few of the crowns. The big cake I made. H enjoying his smash cake.

Stay tuned because in the next few weeks I’ll be making a big announcement for all of you who have been asking me questions about party ideas.

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