DIY Paper Bunting

In preparation for H’s first birthday party, I decided to make paper bunting to go along with the invitations I chose.

By the way, I ended up going with these from

Harrison's Invitation

I’m still going with a red rompous party theme, but I felt that this was the most whimsical invitation of the bunch and would allow me to incorporate a few other colors if I wanted to. Which is just what I did with the bunting I made.


I took the colors and patterns from the bunting on the invite and bought scrapbook paper that matched and made my own bunting and chain link garland to hang all over our apartment for the big day.

Here is how I made the paper bunting, and you can make your own version at home as well for birthday parties, showers, really anything worth celebrating!

Bunting Supplies

Scrapbook paper in various colors and patterns (I used 12″x12″ size to make several pennants)
Pennant template
Scissors or Exacto knife
Baker’s twine (which is what I used) or thin ribbon
Craft mat if you’re using an Exacto knife
Scotch tape or glue

How to Make the Bunting
1. Start by tracing this pattern onto your paper (note: you can get several pennants out of one piece of paper).

2. Cut the patterns out of the paper either using scissors or your Exacto knife and craft mat.

3. Fold the tab at the top of the penants down. Lay your penants out in the order you’d like them to be hung.

4. Then take your Baker’s twine or ribbon and cut it to the preferred length (I varied my lengths to match where I needed bunting to hang in my apartment. This also gives the decorations texture).

5. Put the Baker’s twine or ribbon under the tab you’ve folded down and secure with scotch tape or glue.

I get a little crazy when it comes to decorations so I made a ton to really make an impact when you walked in the room (pictures to come after the party, I promise). I also incorporated chain links that I made using white paper, glue, and scissors (think of the ones you used to make when you were a little kid) to match the invites. I can’t wait to see them all hung up and especially what H and his guests think of them.

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