H’s Favorite Things: 9-10 Months

I can’t believe it’s almost H’s first birthday! Where has the year gone? In the upcoming weeks I’ll be letting you in on everything we’re getting him for his first birthday, plus, everything we’re doing to celebrate his birthday.

With his age, his interests have definitely started expanding. He’s so into music, reading (he will crawl to his books anytime they’re around), and of course trucks and cars. Plus he loves throwing anything in his path. I could share a very long list of his favorites, but here are just a few of his favorite things from 9-10 months. What toys and books does your little one love?

Favorites 9-11

This Ikea tunnel was actually supposed to be a birthday present, but we opened it early because H started crawling under chairs, the table, and even his exersaucer. I’m so glad we gave it to him early because he loves crawling through it.

He actually received this Talking Mother Goose awhile back, but didn’t start paying much attention to it until recently. It is our go-to toy when he’s having a meltdown or if we need him to sit still while trimming his nails or changing him.

True to the little boy he is, H loves this Lil’ Zoomers Spinnin’ Sounds Speedway. It makes fun noises, lights up, and goes around and around with cars.

As I mentioned, H loves books of all kinds, but he especially loves pop-up or lift the flap books like this Toes, Ears, & Nose!

I didn’t think H would be into this toy for a bit, but he has surprised me. He loves playing with the pieces of this FAO Schwarz Big Top Playset, especially the animals.

The textured and educational My First Cards is a great toy for any little one because a. they love it, but b. it’s also teaching them.

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