A Simple Toy (or Anything) Bag

Drawstring Toy BagI had an extra 15 minutes this morning (while H was down for a nap) and I decided to make a drawstring toy bag for his blocks, but it could really be used for anything. But I think the most amazing thing about this project is, it literally only took me 15 minutes!


He has these blocks that came in this gross plastic bag that zipped, but I found that every time I washed the blocks and put them back in the bag, they would get dirty again (plus I hated the plastic bag and the way it looked). Problem solved with this easy-to-make and adorable bag.


Fabric (I used a piece that was 67″ wide and 27″ tall)
Fabric scissors
Fabric pins
Sewing machine
Ribbon (I used 1″ Grosgrain ribbon which measured 78″ long)
Safety pin

How to Make the Bag
1. Start by cutting your fabric if it isn’t already the size you would like. You can also press it, but I’m too lazy, so I skipped this step.


2. The next thing to do is to fold the top of the fabric down to create a tunnel for the ribbon to go through. I folded mine down 1 1/2″ twice to make a nice finish. You can also press this, but again, too lazy, so I just pinned it in place.

3. Sew a 1/4″ seam at the bottom of the tunnel (farthest away from the top of the fabric).


4. Take a safety-pin and attach it to one end of your ribbon. Use this end to weave the ribbon through the tunnel until you reach the other end. Note: Make sure the other loose end doesn’t go through the tunnel because then you’ll have to start over with this step.

5. Trim the edges of the ribbon to make them look nice. I always trim on the diagonal to prevent fraying.

6. Then fold the fabric so right sides are facing with the tunnel at the top. Pin the sides and bottom together. Sew them together, avoiding sewing the tunnel together (you need to be able to pull the ribbon through and tighten it). I used 1/2″ seam for these two sides.

7. Turn the fabric right sides out, fill, and you’re finished.

Even if you don’t have an extra 15 minutes (and believe me, I usually don’t) or you don’t know how to sew, I have more good news – I’ve put these bags up for sale on my Esty.com shop. Tell me what colors you want, or pick a specific fabric, even choose the size you want and I’ll make it for you.

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