Necklaces Made with All the Trimmings

Trim NecklacesMy friend Jodi Levine (one of the craft editors at Martha Stewart) makes these great necklaces, which are all made from trim (think accessories for furniture and curtains). They’re so inexpensive and original, but really hard to find unless you know Jodi.

Inspired by Jodi’s creations, I started making my own, which I wanted to share with you. I’ve also added them to my Etsy shop. So if you’re not into making things yourself, you can purchase them without the hassle.

To make them, all you need is trim (in various assortments, including ribbon and I also like to use chain), plus fabric scissors, and hot glue.

Measure the trim to the length you want your necklace or bracelet to be. Cut with scissors, then make an “O” with the trim. Cut a small piece of trim that is big enough to wrap around one, two, three, or more of the trim pieces (this can be the same as the necklace or something that corresponds — you can also use a bead).

Wrap it around the trim and hot glue to secure.

I love these on their own for a simple accessory, but my favorite thing to do is to pile them together to make lots of necklaces. I like to play with the textures and include ribbon, trim, and chains together as one dynamite accessory.

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