Baby H’s Favorite Things: 7-8 Months

Time sure is flying. I can’t believe H is already 8 months old and counting! He is definitely learning more things and starting to develop quite the personality. He knows what he wants, and he lets you know what that is. I wonder where he gets that from?

With all of those new things he’s learning and developing, comes a whole new set of toys and books that he gravitates towards. Here are a few of H’s favorite things…
H's Favorites 7-8 MonthsHe’s not quite crawling yet, but the VTech Move and Crawl Ball is perfect for now and later when he is on the move. It sings, rolls on its own (or with your little one’s help), and teaches shapes, numbers, and colors by pushing several buttons. It also has different textures, like ribbons, that H loves.

These indesctructible books are not only great, but necessary. Because H puts everything in his mouth, we were finding that several of his books were getting soggy and therefore destroyed. My mom purchased a few of these and now anytime he goes to put a book in his mouth, we trade for one of these.

I bought this red double decker bus from Land of Nod around Christmas because I thought it was cute, but H didn’t really take notice of it until recently. The wood feels great against his gums (as proven by how often he grabs for it and puts it in his mouth), especially the wheels. Plus, red is quickly becoming his favorite color.

My dad bought this Oball and it came at the perfect time. H loves balls, but this has a rattle inside of the ball that he also can’t get enough of. He flings and rolls this every which way and it provides several minutes of fun (that’s all you can ask for at 8 months right?).

H loves the Hungry Caterpillar so I decided to spend a little extra money on the Eric Carle Nesting Blocks as opposed to the regular ones, and I’m glad I did. They not only nest, but have colors, numbers, animals, letters, shapes, and more on each side of the blocks. He loves knocking them over now, but in the future I’m pretty sure he’ll learn a thing or two from them as well.

His grandpa in New Hampshire bought him a similar car to this Step2 Whisper Ride 2 Buggy and he just loved it! For the city it’s great because it gives us a fun alternative to always heading out in the stroller. Plus, I think it makes him feel like a big boy, but most importantly, it makes him smile.

What things are your kids gravitating towards?

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