Traveling with a Baby

We have now successfully traveled on an airplane with H three times, twice to Omaha from New York, and once to Chicago.

H and Daddy on Airplane

We have also done an overnight trip with him where we drove to our destination and here is what I’ve learned.

Pack light, but efficiently. The less you bring with you, the less you have to carry, which is key. Only pack what you really need and nothing more.

As organized as you think you are, be even more organized. This is your time to let your OCD shine.

Make a list and check it twice. This will help with tip number one. Make a list over a couple of days, writing down what you really use every day at home. Then go through that list and determine what you’ll really need while out-of-town and what you can live without.

Two parents are better than one. Even if you’re partner isn’t coming with you (which is what happened the first time I traveled with H) he was able to get a gate pass. I didn’t even know these things existed, but they’re great. Sweet talk the person who checks you in and your partner can go through security with you (huge plus) and sit with you at the gate until you board.

When there is only one parent, a carrier is your friend. I always bring my carrier with me because it folds up easily, but also allows me to have two free hands when boarding the plane so I can organize my stuff and put my suitcase (if I’m carrying on) in the overhead compartment.

The easier your stroller is to collapse, the better. I don’t generally like the snap-and-go stroller as compared to my City Mini, but for travel purposes it works great.

Changing your baby in your lap is just as easy as in the airplane bathroom. I can barely fit in the airplane bathrooms on my own without a baby. Especially if there are two of you traveling with baby, it’s much easier to just stay in your seats – enough said.

Boon Squirt Spoon

These spoons genius. From Boon, these are a lifesaver when you have to feed baby in the airport or on the go. The food goes in the base of the spoon and squirts out when baby needs another mouthful. There is a great cap that goes on the spoon when not in use. It’s easy to use and so, so smart.

Use Order and ship as much as you can to your destination ahead of time. Or if you’re even luckier (which we have been), ask your parents or whoever you’re visiting to pick up a few supplies for you ahead of your arrival. This should include diapers, wipes, formula, and food. Otherwise make a trip on your way from the airport for these items so you have them, but don’t have to pack them.

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