H’s Favorite Things: 5-6 Months

It’s all about what H can put in his mouth this month. We’re still waiting for those magical teeth to break through, but we can tell they’re doing their best on H’s mouth because everything he loves has something (or is something) he can put in his mouth.

He has also gotten much more into playing and has learned that a lot of his toys can do different things if he presses them, shakes them, etc.

H's Favorites 5-6 Months

Harrison received this toy way back at Christmas-time and has always loved it, but lately he has really learned how to push the puppy’s buttons, feet, and hands, which all do something fun. The Laugh and Learn Puppy has quickly become my go-to toy when H is not at his happiest.

This is a new purchase that was supposed to go in his Easter Basket, but he has been so fussy lately because of teething that I opened it early. The RaZbaby Raz-Berry Pacifier is great because he can hold on to it himself easily, and the texture totally helps his gums.

Ever since our friends Brooke and Steve bought the Skwish Classic from Manhattan Toy for H (something I can only describe as a weird abacus) he has loved it. He loves rolling it, holding it, and of course, putting it in his mouth.

Yes, it takes up a lot of space, which is not ideal in our small apartment, but H loves his new Triple Fun Jungle ExerSaucer. At first I think he was overwhelmed because it has so many different noisemakers and things to play with, but he has quickly learned how to use all of them and loves it. It also helps him with balance and to build his leg strength.

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