A Tisket a Tasket, Filling My Easter Baskets

Every year I put together Easter baskets for my nieces and nephew, but this year I also am excited to put together H’s first Easter basket.

Harrison's Easter Basket

One thing my parents used to do for me that I’m carrying on, is that I purchased a really beautiful basket and we’ll use it every year instead of buying a new one from year to year. I also like to do themed baskets. To start, find out what each child likes and base your basket fillers on that. For example, my niece loves American Girl dolls so I bought her an outfit and accessories for her doll and then also included candy, and some trinkets to fill it out. My nephew likes Beyblades, so I went that route for him.

Embroidered Basket Liner

I had the basket liner embroidered with Harrison’s name. The basket and liner are from Pottery Barn Kids.

The hardest part, especially for babies, is finding the right things to fill the basket with (obviously they can’t have candy). My other niece is one-year-old so I had to get creative with her basket. I found an adorable bathing suit and filled it with snacks she loves and toys for the beach.

Here are some ideas I decided to put in Harrison’s basket and some other ideas for little ones who don’t have enough teeth to have a sweet tooth.

Peter Rabbit Ideas

The Peter Rabbit Way
Stuffed Rabbit (any of your choosing, but this Peter Rabbit version is from Amazon.com).
Onesie or outfit from the Peter Rabbit collection at the Gap.
The Tale of Peter Rabbit. There is the traditional book or a pop up version, or my personal favorite is the pop up version app for the iPad.

Bunny Outfit

A Cute Ode to Easter
Easter bib from Carter’s.
Easter Bunny outfit from Carter’s.

Easter Outfit for Baby Boy

A Dapper Outfit Perfect for Easter Sunday
Bow tie from Ralph Lauren.
Striped oxford from Ralph Lauren.
Andrew chinos from Ralph Lauren.

Other Ideas
Bathing suit
Beach toys
Bath toys
Graduate snacks (for toddlers)
Coloring books and crayons

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