H’s Favorite Things: 3-4 Months

Last week I brought you H’s favorite things for the first couple months of his life. This week I’m bringing you his favorites for months 3-4 and we’ve definitely reached the toy stage! There are toys everywhere and when H gets bored with one, we move on to the next one, but he certainly has his favorites (all of which I never hope go missing).

Favorites 3-4 Months

Because he’s starting to teeth and is able to grab onto things better now, he loves toys that jiggle, have lots of rings and appendages that he can grab onto and stick in his mouth. This is one of the best examples we’ve found for him yet and he loves it: Manhattan Toy Ziggles.

He also really loves the Chicco Great Shakes Monkey Toy, which was given to us as a gift. He sucks on this toy so much that it is getting a little worse for wear. I may be stocking up on back ups of this toy just in case.

Sophie the Giraffe – this was the first thing I bought for H when we found out we were pregnant. He has shown absolutely no interest in her until the last couple of weeks. Now he holds onto her and sucks on her until he’s content, especially her hooves and legs. I’m glad we spent the $25 on her because some days it’s the only thing that will sooth his aching gums.

Aden + Anais Issie Security Blanket – He loves the soft textures of this and whether he’s putting it in his mouth, or we’re using it to play peek-a-boo or swaying it over him, he gets lots of joy from this one.

Chicco iGym – This was lent to us by my sister-in-law and at first I didn’t know what to do with it, but now that we’ve figured it out, he loves both of its configurations. He can lay on his back and hit the buttons to play music or he can lay on his stomach and push them that way. It’s one of the best ways to keep him entertained.

Jolly Jumper - This was also given to us as a gift and I was skeptical of it at first. It sort of looks like an archaic apparatus at best (plus it takes up a lot of room because of the base). We of course waited until H could hold his head up on his own and had some strength and gave it a test run. And he LOVES it! He can only be in it for 15 minutes at a time for safety reasons, but those are 15 minutes of pure jolly jumping.

And because I mentioned he’s teething, another thing that he loves that doesn’t fall into the toy category is a slightly frozen wash cloth. When his gums are at their worst I whip this out and he goes to town on it.

2 thoughts on “H’s Favorite Things: 3-4 Months

    1. Jenn

      Hi Megan! I take one of H’s wash cloths (since they’re softer than my basic ones) and I wet it and freeze it for about 15 minutes inside a plastic bag. But if you’re like me, and you want to have one at the ready at all times, I leave one in the freezer and take it out for a few minutes to let it defrost a bit and get softer before I give it to H. Then I wet another one and put it back in the bag. I don’t reuse the wash cloth once he’s sucked on it for fear it might grow bacteria. He loves it!


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