H’s Favorite Things: 1-2 Months

Because H was so new to the world, a lot of his favorite things from 1-2 months or more like my favorite things. A few weeks ago I had mentioned the things I felt any new mom should and must get, and those things that I thought you could do without. This list is slightly different as these are things that we used and H loved (or at least seemed to as he wasn’t crying when we implemented these items).

Mam Pacifiers – They gave this to him at the hospital when we had him circumcised and although I had purchased other types of pacifiers, which were waiting at home, this was the brand he liked and so we stuck to it.

Favorites 1-2 Months

Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets – H had a love hate relationship with the swaddle, but once he was in it, it really did seem to calm him. And the only blankets that seemed to keep him in a swaddle were the ones by Aden + Anais (thank you to my friend Lindsey for buying these for us).

White on Black book – H loved anything black and white (as do most babies) and this quickly became his favorite book to look at.

Harrison in Boppy

Here is H laying in his Boppy. Doesn’t he look cozy?

Boppy – As I stated in my previous post, the Boppy was friend to mommy and H. I used it all the time for breastfeeding, but H also loved sitting in it or laying on it during tummy time.

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