My Favorite Thing in the World

A couple of years ago at Christmastime, I asked for a charm necklace that I could add to as we had children, or big moments in our lives happened. This was not just any charm necklace though, this is a photo charm necklace.

Photo Charm Necklace

I’m happy to say that I received two charms that year for Christmas and since then I have been adding more and more to it and it has definitely become my favorite and most cherished thing that I own.

For my push present, my husband gave me two more charms. One is a photo of H and I at the hospital, the other is a silhouette of a boy with H’s initials and his birthdate. The charms are from Rembrandt Charms. Since I started mine, my mom has also started a necklace of her own. I get compliments on mine all the time and I think it’s a wonderful way to carry your loved ones with you. I also love giving them as gifts to my mom.

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