Daddy-to-Be Survival Kit

We’ve all heard about push presents (if you haven’t and you’re a girl even thinking about having a baby, you must look it up).

Daddy-to-Be Survival Kit

But what about the guys? Yes, I know, we as the women do most of the “work” when it comes to carrying the baby, delivering the baby, and feeding the baby (if you’re breast feeding or pumping anyway) and if you’re a member of my household, the cooking, the social calendar, grocery and general supply shopping, gift buying, card sending, and the list goes on and on. But of course that’s not to say that my hubby isn’t wonderful and doesn’t do his share – he does!

I could tell when I was pregnant, and even the weeks after we had H, that my hubby was feeling a little left out. And I wanted us to be the three Musketeers, all for one and one for all. That’s when I decided to put together a sort of push present for him. No, he wasn’t pushing anything, unless you count me in a wheelchair into the hospital (which he did), but it was to thank him for giving me this wonderful gift, for going out and getting ice cream anytime I asked (without judgement), for massaging my feet every night, and for just listening to me complain in general.

He was so surprised and excited when I gave him the box full of gifts, almost as happy as I was to give it to him.

Here is what I included in my hubby’s survival kit, but you could add or substitute things that your own guy would love. P.S. I love for anything personalized. If you can think of it, someone probably makes it and sells it on Etsy.

Game Over T-shirt - My hubby loves t-shirts and I thought this quirky one was definitely fitting.
Chocolate-covered pretzels – I figured since I had been eating so many sweets, he would want some too.
Dunkin’ Donuts gift card – He was definitely going to be in need of some caffeine once the baby arrived.
Personalized brick to be placed in fron of Citi Field (Go Mets) – My hubby is a huge Mets fan, so I ¬†decided to have a brick dedicated to him and our son. It says “Let’s Go Mets! – The McMurrer Boys.” We can’t wait to take H to Citi Field for the first time and show it to him.
Giants burp rag and bib - He is also a big Giants fan. I figured he would be more likely to feed and burp H if he was doing it with a Giants burp rag and bib Рit worked.

I printed cute little tags from this site and wrote special notes on the back, but you could definitely make your own if you’d prefer.

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