Introducing Solids

H just turned four months the other day – where has the time gone? And although my pediatrician was very clear that she does not suggest introducing solids until six months, H cannot get enough milk and I certainly can’t keep up with him.

Introducing Solid Foods

So after doing a lot of research on my own, and asking my sister-in-law who is a pediatric physician’s assistant what she felt was safe, I decided to go for it and introduce some rice cereal. I figured, the worst thing that could happen was that he wouldn’t like it and we would try again another time, but that was not the case.

He took to it like a duck to water! He knew exactly what to do and seemed to really enjoy it. In fact, he almost ate the whole bowl (which was a tablespoon of rice cereal mixed with two-three tablespoons of breast milk).

I by no means think I know more than a pediatrician, although my actions may say differently, but I just couldn’t imagine H finishing an entire bottle of 8 ounces and then going back and filling it up again would keep him full and satisfied. I also feel that every child is different and that there is no rule across the board that works for EVERY child. And I did not enter into this decision lightly.

Some tips I found that helped are:

1. I sate him in his high chair at the table with us while we were eating for almost two weeks before we started the cereal. I gave him toys while he sat there because I wanted him to get used to his chair and associate it with fun.

2. My husband and I also talked to him about what we were eating and how delicious it was. I try to tell him as much about what I’m doing anyway, so this was just an extension of that. I figure it can only help him learn about his surroundings.

3. I introduced the cereal when he was in a good mood. This was right after he woke up from a nap and was not starving, but was getting hungry. If he starts to fuss, I give him his bottle. If he still seems hungry after his bottle, I try the cereal again. He usually takes it before and after his bottle with no problem, and because he’s in a good mood, my hope is he will associate food and happiness together.

What other tips do you have for introducing solids to your little one?

One thought on “Introducing Solids

  1. Kristeen Shabram

    Hi Jenn,
    I love reading your posts. My little girl S just turned one and I remember when we first started solids (we also started before the pediatrician gave the go ahead) . The advice I would give is don’t be afraid to move up to the stage 2 foods. We started with the oatmeal and breast milk, but after a couple weeks S got the hand of it and was ready for applesauce. We did applesauce for a couple weeks and then we introduced fruits and veggies. She LOVED them. It all went so fast, but I never doubted that I was doing something wrong. All kids are different. One more piece of advice that I would give is that don’t be afraid to start regular milk. We started about 10 1/2 months and she was completely off bottles by 1 year.



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